No. 4 Miller -Kite Museum Solo Investigation July 29, 2018


Had a lot of action again at the Miller-Kite Museum last weekend. Apparently there was a prankster spirit this time his real name is William Edwin Kite. Check out the next clip


Check out this spirit box clip. Is this really Stonewall Jackson? This was his bedroom….




Robert Dabney seems to be relaying to me that it’s my light so I can turn it back off, Lol




These next 2 clips are verification that I “read” the spirits. I had no idea who Edward was. I was pretty persistent as you will see about figuring out who “Edward” is. I could feel that this was literally his home at one point but was confused because I also felt he was soldier. Found out he lived there in the home 20 years after he served in the war. So he answered my questions correctly! I added a second verification clip because my session was interrupted by a tourist. Here is my conversation with the V.P. of the Elkton Historical Society regarding my info.








Keep in mind the talking box has a limited vocabulary.


These next few clips are good examples of the “Prankster Ghost” and his antics. Seems to respond every time I walk away.




There was a couple touring the museum. She was waiting to see a K2 response on my meter. Again….. as soon as we walk away!




A great clip as I continue to grill Stonewall Jackson about the Union Prisoners!




Noises in the room and caught on audio in these next 2 clips







An interesting spirit session where the spirit expresses they don’t want me to leave. Is there a female spirit present too? I also catch a female whisper on the audio right in the beginning.



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