Solo Trip Back to the Miller-Kite Museum! May 2018

millerkite                                             I will be headed back to the Miller-Kite  museum on May 6th to have another chat with the “Preacher”. Our last investigation we learned about the Reverend Robert Dabney who resided there and was Stonewalls “Chief of Staff”.  In addition,  Robert Lewis Dabney was a well- known theologist and author of Stonewall Jackson’s 1866 biography. This spirit at the museum seemed extremely happy that we were there and kept talking away on the Ovilus. He had a lot of energy and manipulated the REM pod and flashlight quite successfully! He told us a lot of historical information that we later confirmed who we think is him and true. I’m looking forward to seeing his reaction because we obtained an original copy of the 1866 Stonewall Jackson biography that the reverend wrote. I’ll be sharing evidence soon. I’m sure I wont be leaving empty handed!

Is this Stonewall Jackson? Please give us your opinion.  The Elkton Historical Society thinks it is!

Listen to what this slave has to say about Stonewall. Did she actually escape?


Next, more convo with Stonewall Jackson!

Amazing reunion session with “The Preacher” ! Who “we” and the Elkton Historical Society believe is Chief Reverend Robert Dabney.

More contact with the Reverend who is verifying that it’s him!

Awesome clip with a mystery spirit! Be sure as always to read the description. There is some historical info about this clip.

Brief contact with a Union Soldier


Some interesting voices and responses during my spirit box walk thru. The first clip is noises I’m hearing in the room with me. You can hear them on the video too!

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