Upcoming Events/Investigations

There are a lot of events/investigations coming up this year. We will post more once we confirm the details. Below are the confirmed upcoming events…..

Coming soon: Some of my haunted farmhouse videos will air on the Travel Channel’s, “Paranormal Caught on Camera”! It will be in season 2 episode #24! Stay tuned!

Swannanoa Palace: We will host more ghost hunt/fundraisers for the 2020 year for the palace and the Cat Action Team! Details will be posted soon!


April 2020 Come to our Fleetwood Church fundraiser! Ticket sales below!


Learn about the history of the church and be part of an exclusive group paranormal investigation of this historic church and its grounds! Also joining us will be the “Haunted MD” and “Spirit Guides Paranormal!” 75380109_554251918693347_6352732568994971648_o.jpg

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Many surprise events and investigations coming up throughout the year. We will post more soon! πŸ‘»


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