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Upcoming: A third trip to the museum! We will be operating the Miller-Kite Museum in July 2018 for one afternoon. Come by and take a tour of the museum. You may get to encounter a Civil War Spirit while we ghost hunt! Stonewall Jackson used this as his head quarters during the Civil War.  Please check out the link below to learn more about the museum and it’s amazing history. The museum is always accepting donations!https://www.virginia.org/listings/Museums/MillerKiteHouseMuseum/     millerkite

July 2018. Stump’s Antique Store in McGaheysville, Virginia. This antique store dates back to the early 1900’s.  It has had many faces. A mechanic’s garage, a food station, pool house, WWII dancehall, and a church! It is now a successful antique store full of all kinds of relics from the past! It is known to have a few ghostly spirits lurking about. One is a woman we heard speak out to us like she was in the room! A rare occurrence to have a spirit with that much energy. We are also told there is a child and a man present. We are looking forward to this investigation and can’t wait to learn about these individuals and who they were.



🕸Late Summer 💀 The New Market Civil War Battlefield is another investigation we will send out limited invitations for. We plan on including non-group members who would like to participate. We will spend an afternoon picnicking and doing some battlefield hiking while we investigate the soldier spirits that roam these battlefields . Check out this on the fly clip when we pulled over to read a New Market Battlefield plaque. I think when the soldier mentions the number 5 to me, he may have been referring to his position in the field where he was hiding.  http://dai.ly/x6dsv7z Remember “cookies” are video enhancers that allow better quality viewing.  aaaaaaaaa

Natural Bridge and Park! Native American ground and once owned by Thomas Jefferson. A beautiful place to visit and hike and I guarantee some lingering past spirits are waiting to tell their story. Stay tuned for this Fall 2018 upcoming investigation! 🎃


Belle Grove Plantation Halloween Event 2018. This will be our 2nd Halloween event at this very haunted plantation! The birthplace of James Madison.We will update soon with all the details!



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