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The Silver Thatch Inn
Come to the public paranormal investigation in the daytime with a real Medium and haunted Inn!


Don’t forget about our upcoming public investigation at the Silver Thatch Inn on March 31st from 4:30 til 8pm!  Scroll down below to read the history of the Inn and see the details about the event and our pre-investigation! We are only allowing 12 people for this exclusive daytime paranormal investigation 👻🌙  


        February 2018:    This weekend we have our second investigation at the Private Home located near a crematory/cemetery/funeral home. We are looking forward to really getting to know all the spirits that we connected with on the previous investigation. This location is loaded with activity! Lots of flashlight, EMF, Ovilus activity, and lots of glowing flying orbs! Check out all of the video evidence we just posted from the first investigation at https://www.dailymotion.com/lunarparanormalvirginia/playlists under, “Residential Investigation Jan. 2018.” (Cookies are video enhancers for better viewing.)


👻🌙The Silver Thatch Inn March 31st event! To view the upcoming  public event details scroll down below or click the link here..   http://www.silverthatch.com/ghost-hunting-events.htm                                                 Feb. 23, 2018: We have a pre-investigation at the The Silver Thatch Inn in Charlottesville, VA. We are looking forward to checking out this historical gem and getting familiar with the spirit activity. We will be discussing plans to host a spring- time event for the Inn on March 31st. Look under, “Recent Posts” to view evidence from our “pre-investigation”. Check out the link below and learn all about the history of the beautiful Silver Thatch Inn. Then scroll to the bottom to see about the upcoming paranormal investigation event! 🕯                              http://www.silverthatch.com/history.htm      


Upcoming: We will be conducting a private investigation at the historical Miller-Kite Museum on March 17th. Stonewall Jackson used this as his head quarters during the Civil War.  Please check out the link below to learn more about the museum and it’s amazing history. We are looking forward to this investigation. https://www.virginia.org/listings/Museums/MillerKiteHouseMuseum/     millerkite

                                       sti                     🦉👻March 31st Public Event/ Investigation! At The Silver Thatch Inn  4.30pm til 8pm  http://www.silverthatch.com/ghost-hunting-events.htm   There are only 12 spots available for this exclusive investigation at the haunted Silver Thatch Inn in Charlottesville! We will be offering a more up-close personal experience during this investigation. You will not be disappointed. Participants can try a dosing rod session for direct communication with the spirits using our Medium. See our recent evidence from our preliminary investigation at the Silver Thatch Inn. Click on “Recent Investigations” 07e11577d297da785f907b1f104217ee

🕸Late Spring: We will return for a 3rd investigation at the very active The Civil War Graffiti House in Brandy Station, VA. This historical Civil War field hospital has a lot of known ghost residents. We are looking forward to connecting with these spirits again! Please check out the link below to read about how the Graffiti House was discovered and almost demolished!  http://www.brandystationfoundation.com/ 20170206_124353 (2)

💀The New Market Civil War Battlefield is another investigation we will send out limited invitations for. We plan on including non-group members who would like to participate. We will spend an afternoon picnicking and doing some battlefield hiking while we investigate the soldier spirits that roam these battlefields . Check out this on the fly clip when we pulled over to read a New Market Battlefield plaque. I think when the soldier mentions the number 5 to me, he may have been referring to his position in the field where he was hiding.  http://dai.ly/x6dsv7z Remember “cookies” are video enhancers that allow better quality viewing.  aaaaaaaaa


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