Upcoming Events/Investigations

The Travel Channel’s “Paranormal Caught on Camera” episode with footage from my haunted farmhouse aired Aug.30th. I will post a link of my part in the episode soon!

Recent news clip about the Miller-Kite Museum and our upcoming events (in link below)


Article in the local Harrisonburg newspaper about our Miller-Kite events coming up this fall!




There are a lot of events/investigations coming up this year 2021.  …..Swannanoa Palace: (3) Historical and Paranormal Tour Fundraiser w/ Lunar Paranormal and the Haunted MD | Facebook

A Swan

The Miller-Kite Civil War Museum We will have a few public investigations coming up. May 28th 2021 Fundraiser event! (2) The Miller-Kite Museum Public Paranormal Investigation | Facebook

giphy 6



Many surprise events and investigations coming up throughout the year. We will post more soon! 👻



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