Upcoming Events

There are a few upcoming events posted below . We have ALOT of planned events this fall and winter. We will post the rest of them SOON with all the details! 🎃


We will be hosting the first ever Halloween public ghost hunt fundraiser event for the Miller-Kite Museum in October! Details on the Face Book link below!


September 2018 The Civil War Graffiti House and the 1850’s Fleetwood Church Brandy Station,  Virginia  There will be 6 of us gathering with our expert skills and lots of equipment (Including an LS Cam) for this double investigation. There were a lot of spirits we made contact with during our previous investigations at the Graffiti House so we are excited to seek them out once again! The historical Fleetwood church is now being restored with the help of  needed donations. We are excited to be able to include this mysterious old church cemetery in our double investigation! There are a lot of unanswered questions surrounding this area along with 30 unmarked graves!



🕸💀 The New Market Civil War Battlefield is another investigation we will send out limited invitations for. We plan on including non-group members who would like to participate. We will spend an afternoon picnicking and doing some battlefield hiking while we investigate the soldier spirits that roam these battlefields . Check out this on the fly clip when we pulled over to read a New Market Battlefield plaque. I think when the soldier mentions the number 5 to me, he may have been referring to his position in the field where he was hiding.  http://dai.ly/x6dsv7z Remember “cookies” are video enhancers that allow better quality viewing.  aaaaaaaaa


Natural Bridge and Park! Native American ground and once owned by Thomas Jefferson. A beautiful place to visit and hike and I guarantee some lingering past spirits are waiting to tell their story. Stay tuned for this October 2018 upcoming investigation! 🎃




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