Paranormal Investigation Classes Miller-Kite Museum and Swannanoa Palace

PLEASE let me know if I missed any moments on cam you wanted to see. There are a few quick clips I need to still post.

Class/Investigation #1 The Miller-Kite Civil War Museum Sept. 28, 2019.

We had amazing activity from the very start of our investigation! This is some great communication with awesome Ghost Cam/SLS footage!

This Participants reaction is priceless and sweet!

Hugs with the dousing rods with a lot of equipment going off in the artifact room!

Upstairs at the Miller-Kite Museum. A neat clip with the spirit of “Pat”. Who we have contact with on almost every investigation here!

Noise in the room! 

Dousing and unexplained light anomaly.  (Must view on regular computer monitor to see)

Our goodbye session upstairs!

Class/Investigation #2 The Miller-Kite Civil War Museum Oct. 5, 2019

What do Civil War Spirits say? Amazing Session!

Does this eager spirit reveal who he is?

What do the soldier spirits think of our soldier participant?

Does General Stonewall Jackson demand a salute?

Ghost box  and dowsing in the dining room. Great contact!

What happens in the parlor at the Miller-Kite Museum?

What do Civil War spirits say? The name game! 

A quick clip with the name, “Paul”again through our ghost box! What does this Civil War soldier want? Is it because one of our participants is a soldier?

Final Investigation Swannanoa Palace! Oct. 11, 2019

Spirits following us during the participant tour!

An amazing spirit session starting off ourinvestigation in the music room!

Ghost on the cam reaching out to Jane and sitting next to her! Incredible SLS Cam  footage!

Ghost on the cam with with Janice! Amazing clear interaction!

Ghosts in the Persian/Smoking room! Crazy interaction and clear communication!

Ghost Cam footage from the Persian/Smoking room! (Filmed on a seperate cam)

Past residents reveal themselves!

The pictures below were submitted by Suzette Bodnar.  More videos, keep scrolling!!!

Spirits in the library. Do we have a Presidential ghost?

A servant , “Anthony” greets us in the library”!

Did President John Calvin Coolridge follow us? He was called, “Calvin” as his nickname.

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