The Exchange Hotel Civil War Medical Museum March 2017


Please be sure to watch  our other videos  under,  “recent posts” for the Exchange Hotel and Civil War Museum from December . We always have amazing communication and activity there . MUST WATCH ON LARGE MONITOR! This location never disappoints. The 3rd floor hallway. This next clip is some of our best evidence ever caught! It is a shadow man you will notice from the beginning. He is coming in and out of the room to the right and keeps manipulating the flashlight. You can see through him at certain points. One of  our participants noticed him towards the end crawling to the flashlight!  At the end I turned the cam to the left not knowing the spirit was to the right. To view more evidence from some of our Exchange Hotel investigations look under “recent posts” and check them out out along with our link to many more Exchange Hotel moments we have captured on Dailymotion.

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