The Ghost of Stonewall Jackson a Compilation The Miller-Kite Museum Aug. 2019

What did Stonewall Jackson REALLY think of Slavery

To view more Stonewall footage click on any of the “Miller-Kite Solo and public Investigations” under, “Recent Posts!”

Several clips from different investigations and events where we have contact with General Thomas Stonewall Jackson! 

December 2019 The latest contact I’ve had with the general. Did he meet John Wilks Booth? 

Part 2 Did Thomas Jackson meet John Wilks Booth?

Oct. 2019 Me and the “Haunted MD” our ghost sessions with the General with amazing responses! 

I added more General Stonewall footage from a recent investigation where he states his name again and more!

I had a few moments last Sunday at the museum to investigate and had the best communication yet with General Stonewall Jackson! This first clip he clearly whispers his name, “Thomas Jackson” when I ask him too. He also divulges his thoughts about losing the war. Part 2 of my contact with Stonewall last weekend will be posted soon. He tells about his death in part 2 with historical accuracy! Stay tuned!

Part 2 This investigation was some of the best communication I have had to date with General Jackson!  Stay tuned for part 3 in his bedroom! 

More with the spirits of the Miller-Kite Museum. Is this a ghost? Notice the blur in front of the cam at the dining room table after I leave the room!

Is Stonewall just visiting? Find out!

Lots of action including a light anamoly and a noise in the room!

General Stonewall up close and personal from 10-19 Miller-Kite Museum event! 

Stonewall states his name through the ghost box again! 

To view more Stonewall footage click on any of the “Miller-Kite Solo and public Investigations” under, “Recent Posts!”

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