Belle Grove Plantation Halloween Event 2017

The Beginning of the Halloween Event We had a lot of action right from the start! Also notice when Sarita (Chasing Shadows) asks for a name on the spirit box you immediately hear it repeat the word,  “names” like it’s singing it.

During this clip we were finishing up in the basement using the Ovilus, dowsing rods, and flashlight We don’t know why the audio was so sensitive in the beginning half. Sorry for the annoying noises. Luckily it tapers off! This clip was too good to not share.

An Ovilus V/dowsing rod clip in The Turner Room where I believe our welcome had expired.  According to one of the spirits. here is the link to our “video playlists” . If you would like to view more evidence from this event click on the link above and scroll until you find the “Belle Grove Plantation Halloween Event 2017” on the playlist. A reminder that we are still in the process of uploading all of our 100+ videos, so all the Halloween clips may not be posted yet. Check out the very last photo below. This was the Halloween event day and not the first time ghost resident Jacob was caught in a photo. We previously investigated the plantation in April and Jacob was photographed in the window then too.  20171028_155910 (3)_LI


This next set of photos is from the Madison Suite during the Halloween event at Belle Grove Plantation. We have concluded that the image reflecting in the window on the right may be former resident, “John Palmer Hooker” 1930-1970. He is buried on the property and this was his room. In these photos you can clearly see that no one could have been behind this gentleman because there was a fern plant in the way. But in the window’s reflection you see a man standing behind him. We don’t think this is a “double image” (which can occur with photos and reflections) because the figure behind him is standing in a different angle and they don’t appear to have the same hairline. We also have a video of the investigation and not at anytime did anyone try to stand behind this participant. These photos were taken within seconds of each other. Please let us know what you think.

High School pic of John Palmer Hooker. The man we believe to be the ghost in the picture above.

Check out our recent discovery! This was a selfie in the mirror that turned out blurry. But look what is in the window reflection. We were alone in the room. Tell us what you think of this image. Oct. 2017


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