Shenandoah National Park Haunted Pocosin Trail & Ruins May 2017

20170526_125538This was such an awesome experience investigating this haunted hike! In the beginning we were trying to locate a fieldstone cemetery we heard about. Check out what the Ovilus had to say. The spirits were literally guiding us.

Also have an EVP of a spirit guiding us. I asked several times for the spirits to guide us to the cemetery. This is an awesome EVP! Check it out a 6 seconds!

These 2 audio clips are of the Ovilus. While we were hiking it appears we were picking up on Revolutionary War talk.

This is one of my favorite spirit sessions in a fieldstone cemetery! It was on the fly and a great example of my ESP too!  Apologize in advance for the difficulty viewing the flashlight on the forest floor. Luckily I was able to see it better than the camera. I automatically picked up the fact that this is a young girl who drowned,  even though we were nowhere near any water at this point.



Another great clip with a Native American spirit.


This next clip is in an old ruin area just off the haunted Pocosin trail.

A quick blip at Hawksbill Peak. We caught a hint of “war”. There were other hikers so we were very limited for investigating. 

Dean Cemetery Clip. I have had  A LOT of contact with the spirits in Dean Cemetery. Direct descendants to my husband.

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