Shenandoah National Park Rocky Mountain Spirits April 2020 and The Haunted Pocosin Trail & Ruins May 2017

We hiked way into the National park in the middle of nowhere on Rocky Mountain’s ridge. Check out the spirits we encounter on the mountain top!

Part 2 

A homestead just outside the ShenNational Park Boundary. The spirits are very informative. Especially during the last half of this segment! April 2020


This was such an awesome experience investigating this haunted hike! In the beginning we were trying to locate a fieldstone cemetery we heard about. Check out what the Ovilus had to say. The spirits were literally guiding us. August 2017


Don’t miss the video footage below of my flashlight session with the Pocosin spirits!

Also have an EVP of a spirit guiding us. I asked several times for the spirits to guide us to the cemetery. This is an awesome EVP! Check it out a 6 seconds!

These 2 audio clips are of the Ovilus. While we were hiking it appears we were picking up on Revolutionary War talk.

This is one of my favorite spirit sessions in a fieldstone cemetery! It was on the fly and a great example of my ESP too!  Apologize in advance for the difficulty viewing the flashlight on the forest floor. Luckily I was able to see it better than the camera. I automatically picked up the fact that this is a young girl who drowned,  even though we were nowhere near any water at this point.



Another great clip with a Native American spirit.


This next clip is in an old ruin area just off the haunted Pocosin trail.

A quick blip at Hawksbill Peak. We caught a hint of “war”. There were other hikers so we were very limited for investigating. 

Dean Cemetery Clip. I have had  A LOT of contact with the spirits in Dean Cemetery. Direct descendants to my husband.

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