Cemeteries of the Past

Shenandoah National Park Hidden Historic Cemetery

April 2022 Mt. Olivet

August 2021 Dean Cemetery Shenandoah National Park

June 2021 Mt Olivet Cemetery Solo

Spirits Under the Shade Tree

free-scary-halloween-backgrounds-collectionThis is part 1 of a compilation of cemetery activity at different cemeteries of our relatives or unmarked fieldstone cemeteries. Some of this evidence is audio only.

July 2020 Family Cemetery

August 2019 Family Cemetery

Me and Suzette teamed up for this beautiful day! The first few clips are us getting familiar with areas of the cemetery and the spirits who wanted to talk! You wouldn’t believe some of the things they were revealing! The first video is a recent compilation with more captions!

I get to reunite with Harmon. The spirit who I learned a lot about during my previous visit. Does he remember who I am? Find out in the amazing clips below!

  1. Beginning of Harmon contact. https://dai.ly/x7jax5h
  2.  He doesn’t want us to leave. https://dai.ly/x7iviua

MANY different spirits have A LOT to say!

What happened to these 3 spirits and their graves? Who broke all 3 headstones in the same fashion?

A surprise ghost in the graveyard as we are leaving! A slave makes himself known! See  what he reveals in our ending clip . 

July 2019 Family Cemetery Solo Quick Trip!

A spur of the moment stop for me on a very hot day. I love this family cemetery near my house and as you will see the spirits are very talkative for me. These clips are loaded with spirit responses plus a one on one session with an old spirit named, “Harmon” who has A LOT to reveal! Along with a lot of K2 interaction which was validating. (My K2 meter’s battery was dying .)To say the least these spirits wanted to be heard. All the cemeteries I have investigated are that way. It was an enjoyable 20 minute diversion that day. I felt like I recharged my batteries! Enjoy the vids!  I added captions! 

I just arrive and am warming up with the spirits! Quick teaser clip!

Part 1 With Harmon Burner A compelling session!

Part 2  With Harmon! He verifies there is a spirit following me just as I sensed when I first arrived. Wait till you see what happens when I get back to my car!

When I first arrive I mention that I feel someone following me and ask the ghost if he is. Only to find out later from Harmon that he is! Also,  you won’t believe what this ghost says to me!

More communication upon my arrival with several spirits! A spirit starts talking about his “family fortune!’ My name is said at least 2 times! Something that never happens even when I ask. I also never introduced myself so I thought it was interesting. I love the response at the end! And many other spirit responses!

 THE DEAN CEMETERY in the Shenandoah National Park is a historic cemetery dating back to the early 1800’s. The first person to be buried there is our group member’s great, great great, grandfather. We have a few responses with spirits during different visits. There are also a lot of unmarked graves in this cemetery.

This first video clip is me in Dean cemetery learning about a woman spirit and her family who’s tombstone is undetermined due to wear and time. Click on the link below.


  This short audio clip is an old one. “Mike Dean” the mailman coming through on the spirit box.  He passed away in his 40’s due to a motorcycle accident. This was the first time I ever used a spirit box! 


These next 2 video clips are in the unmarked part of Dean cemetery. They speak for themselves…..

The next audio clip we were searching for an old fieldstone cemetery off the Pocosin Trail in the Shenandoah National Park. A VERY clear EVP came through on our digital recorder guiding us in the correct direction.


When we find the fieldstone cemetery I decide to do a video with a flashlight session. This is a good example of me picking up on a spirit’s information. What happens is it will seem like I know the right questions to ask even though we had absolutely no information to go by.  We were lucky to find the cemetery hiding in the forest off the trail . We truly felt guided! 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of “Cemeteries of the Past “.


Mt. Olivet A beautiful local and historical cemetery. In this first video clip we are taking photos when I decided to do an on the fly paratek/EVP session. You will hear the spirit named, “Mary Underhill” whisper her last name because I was interrupted by the Ovilus and didn’t finish reading it out loud. It’s at 55 seconds you hear Mary whisper her last name, after I say the word,  “phantom”. 

The haunted rectory and church cemetery. An on the fly quick session to see which historic grave would respond. 

This next audio clip is  an audio only EVP caught while me and 1 other person are chatting at Mt Olivet.  At 4 to 5 seconds a 3rd woman is recorded whispering, “I heard that” behind our voices.


Me arriving at a large cemetery in the Shenandoah Valley before encountering a surprise spirit.

This amazing clip takes place at our own members house! We establish clear contact with spirits from the cemetery that I s next door to their house. The same cemetery in the last video that I visited searching for an in-law. This contact takes a few minutes to confirm and then we are amazed!

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