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More Intense Communication on the Fly at the Miller-Kite Museum in December 2019

A creepy session with 10 Confederate Soldiers, 6 Union Prisoners, and a child slave! What historical information do we learn? 

More from this is posted on our Facebook page and will soon be updated to here. To view more evidence from this on the fly investigation log on to our Facebook page

A spooky clip where a voice is heard in the room, not through the box!

Such a great clip clearly confirming who this frequent Civil War Soldier ghost is!!!

Did General Stonewall Jackson meet John Wilks Booth? 

More about Thomas Jackson and John Wilks Booth

General Jackson states his name once again through the ghost box. Sounds creepy this time!

Fleetwood Church Private Investigation November 2019

This church is located on the largest Calvary battlefield during the Civil War. Are there bodies buried under the church? Do we hear from any Civil War spirits or unknown soldiers? Intense communication at the church alter! During this first clip we are establishing communication.


 Part 2 of our intense communication at the alter!

How responsive our the spirits to the piano and me sitting on their couch? A great clip!

do the spirits touch one of us when asked? Why do we keep hearing “Liberty” numerous times through the ghost box? Later we find out who’s doing it! 

Proof the Ghost box is legit? 

Our trip out to the unmarked cemetery. 

More evidence will be posted soon! We have a lot already posted on our Facebook page!



Swannanoa Palace Halloween 2019 Ghost Hunt/Fundraiser


A first session with the spirit of “Peggy”, a servant with a lot dramatic and personal things she reveals to us about her life. Out of respect for the spirits and the palace we leave out part of this ghost session. 

Part 2 with Peggy. Keep in mind this is picking up after a section of footage was removed. 

A ghostly filled session starting off in the music room. The Ghost Buster couple gets some interaction. Along with some ghost box responses. Notice towards the end when I mention how many live people are in the room the spirits says something about a lot of angels.

An amazing session with the spirit of Sallie Dooley! Don’t miss the flying orb that is time-stamped in this clip!

2 great sessions in the library at Swannanoa Palace. What ghosts do we encounter?

Part 2

Our “Raven”Participant gets a scare! 

What secrets do we learn from James Dooley? Upstairs in his palace bedroom.


The Miller-Kite Pre-Halloween Investigation Oct. 2019

Starting off with 2 intense dousing sessions. What unexpected museum spirit do we meet?

Stonewall Jackson states his name! This is the 2nd time I have captured him stating his name in this room on the ghost box.

Amazing contact with General Stonewall Jackson! 

What other spirits communicate with us in the Union prisoner/slave room. And how does General Stonewall Jackson react to hearing us talk about his life.

A few spirit sessions me and the “Haunted MD”  did with General Stonewall Jackson before our participants arrived.

The spirits of the Miller-Kite Museum meet the Haunted MD.

Amazing warm-up sessions with the spirits ofthis Civil War Museum. Lots of equipment interaction that coincides!

Unexplained noises the rooms!

SLS/Ghost Cam footage from our session

Massive REM Pod interaction!

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