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The Ghost of Stonewall Jackson a Compilation The Miller-Kite Museum Aug. 2019

Several clips from different investigations and events where we have contact with General Thomas Stonewall Jackson! 

December 2019 The latest contact I’ve had with the general. Did he meet John Wilks Booth?¬†

Part 2 Did Thomas Jackson meet John Wilks Booth?

Oct. 2019 Me and the “Haunted MD” our ghost sessions with the General with amazing responses!¬†

I added more General Stonewall footage from a recent investigation where he states his name again and more!

I had a few moments last Sunday at the museum to investigate and had the best communication yet with General Stonewall Jackson! This first clip he clearly whispers his name, “Thomas Jackson” when I ask him too. He also divulges his thoughts about losing the war. Part 2 of my contact with Stonewall last weekend will be posted soon. He tells about his death in part 2 with historical accuracy! Stay tuned!

Part 2 This investigation was some of the best communication I have had to date with General Jackson!  Stay tuned for part 3 in his bedroom! 

More with the spirits of the Miller-Kite Museum. Is this a ghost? Notice the blur in front of the cam at the dining room table after I leave the room!

Is Stonewall just visiting? Find out!

Lots of action including a light anamoly and a noise in the room!

General Stonewall up close and personal from 10-19 Miller-Kite Museum event! 

Stonewall states his name through the ghost box again! 

To view more Stonewall footage click on any of the “Miller-Kite Solo Investigations” under, “Recent Posts!”

Swannanoa Palace Ghost Hunt/Fundraiser for the Cat Action Team and Palace Event June 2019


PLEASE READ this important disclaimer from Swannanoa Palace!

DISCLAIMER: Please remember and know that Swannanoa is private property, this means the house AND grounds. In respect for the owners wishes and so they can continue to open for the public and host these kinds of events, they ask that no one drives up or enters property unless they are open to the public or private event has been booked through them. Those found on property at unauthorized times are trespassing! We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Follow their page for full schedule and contact information.


PLEASE feel free to go back on to our¬† Facebook page post and leave comments¬† of what you think about the footage from the Swannanoa Palace event and your experiences ! What a great ghost hunt/fundraiser! We had the “Haunted MD” join us again for an evening of non-stop paranormal activity! Because there’s so much evidence I’m posting the highlights I can remember first then the rest in succession. This first clip is in the music room¬† with SO much interaction. We believe this is James Dooley. He clearly states his name through the ghost box.

This next clip is a lot of activity occurring in the music room!

In this clip we learn that Adrianne has an admirer!

This is a great clip with massive contact with James Dooley (original owner) in his bedroom!

Luckily one of our participants, Kimmie, caught the periscope action on her cam along with her K2 meter lighting up!

Here is Kimmy William’s clip she caught of the Periscope interaction in Dooley’s room! Our cam did not catch it. We are so grateful that Kimmy caught this and submitted it! Thank you!

This next clip is timely with a breeze that is felt by the Haunted MD right when James enters in to his past bedroom to communicate with us!

The “Haunted MD” decides to play some Mozart to see if the spirit recognizes it!¬†

We had access to a bedroom in the palace just for this event! We played a name game with the spirts!

An extremely active clip in the hallway outside of Sallie Mae’s room!

James Dooley admits that he likes Walter and Lao Russell! Also communicates with the “Haunted MD”

A spirit shows up upon request of one of our participants!

NEW!!!  Here is the quick SLS ghost cam footage of the last clip.

NEW!!!   An awesome VERY BRIGHT orb passes through the music room during our session!

When I ask the spirits to start touching people’s EMF meter one says, “no” through the ghost box. The other activates the “yes” button on the ghost equipment that a participant is holding!¬† Then everyone starts getting lots of activity!

NEW!!!   More 2nd floor massive communication with many different tools! More through the ghost box!!

NEW!!! They are ready for us to leave! After being so entertaining for us all evening the spirits aren’t hesitating to give us a push out the door when we start to say goodbye! Ha! Ha!

NEW!!!  One of my favorite quick clips with clear answers about how many spirits there are in the music room.!Along with devices going off on the floor and spirits are admitting to them!

NEW!!!¬† Our triple dousing rod session when we were first warming up with the ghosts of the palace! I wasn’t planning on trying three sets at once. As you can see it was a struggle for the spirits but they still came through!¬†

NEW!!!  The Palace spirits love Sandy the owner for all that she and her husband are doing! That was made clear during this dousing session.

NEW!!! SLS ghost cam footage when our camera man enters the music room during both of our investigations October 2018 and June 2019! At first we thought the cam was “false mapping” the chair until it was in the same location again this year! Also,¬† Chris pans the cam backand forth to eliminate false mapping. Plusthespirit is not seen in other chairs. Pretty cool!¬†

June 2019

Previous year Oct. 2018




Cemeteries of the Past

free-scary-halloween-backgrounds-collectionThis is part 1 of a compilation of cemetery activity at different cemeteries of our relatives or unmarked fieldstone cemeteries. Some of this evidence is audio only.

August 2019 Family Cemetery

Me and Suzette teamed up for this beautiful day! The first few clips are us getting familiar with areas of the cemetery and the spirits who wanted to talk! You wouldn’t believe some of the things they were revealing! The first video is a recent compilation with more captions!

I get to reunite with Harmon. The spirit who I learned a lot about during my previous visit. Does he remember who I am? Find out in the amazing clips below!

  1. Beginning of Harmon contact.
  2. ¬†He doesn’t want us to leave.

MANY different spirits have A LOT to say!

What happened to these 3 spirits and their graves? Who broke all 3 headstones in the same fashion?

A surprise ghost in the graveyard as we are leaving! A slave makes himself known! See  what he reveals in our ending clip .




July 2019 Family Cemetery Solo Quick Trip!

A spur of the moment stop for me on a very hot day. I love this family cemetery near my house and as you will see the spirits are very talkative for me. These clips are loaded with spirit responses plus a one on one session with an old spirit named, “Harmon” who has A LOT to reveal! Along with a lot of K2 interaction which was validating. (My K2 meter’s battery was dying .)To say the least these spirits wanted to be heard. All the cemeteries I have investigated are that way. It was an enjoyable 20 minute diversion that day. I felt like I recharged my batteries! Enjoy the vids!¬† I added captions!¬†

I just arrive and am warming up with the spirits! Quick teaser clip!

Part 1 With Harmon Burner A compelling session!

Part 2  With Harmon! He verifies there is a spirit following me just as I sensed when I first arrived. Wait till you see what happens when I get back to my car!

When I first arrive I mention that I feel someone following me and ask the ghost if he is. Only to find out later from Harmon that he is! Also,¬† you won’t believe what this ghost says to me!

More communication upon my arrival with several spirits! A spirit starts talking about his “family fortune!’ My name is said at least 2 times! Something that never happens even when I ask. I also never introduced myself so I thought it was interesting. I love the response at the end! And many other spirit responses!

¬†THE DEAN CEMETERY in the Shenandoah National Park is a historic cemetery dating back to the early 1800’s. The first person to be buried there is our group member’s great, great great, grandfather. We have a few responses with spirits during different visits. There are also a lot of unmarked graves in this cemetery.

This first video clip is me in Dean cemetery learning about a woman spirit and her family who’s tombstone is undetermined due to wear and time. Click on the link below.

¬†¬†This short audio clip is an old one. “Mike Dean” the mailman coming through on the spirit box.¬† He passed away in his 40’s due to a motorcycle accident. This was the first time I ever used a spirit box!¬†

These next 2 video clips are in the unmarked part of Dean cemetery. They speak for themselves…..

The next audio clip we were searching for an old fieldstone cemetery off the Pocosin Trail in the Shenandoah National Park. A VERY clear EVP came through on our digital recorder guiding us in the correct direction.

When we find the fieldstone cemetery I decide to do a video with a flashlight session. This is a good example of me picking up on a spirit’s information. What happens is it will seem like I know the right questions to ask even though we had absolutely no information to go by.¬† We were lucky to find the cemetery hiding in the forest off the trail . We truly felt guided!¬†

Stay tuned for Part 2 of “Cemeteries of the Past “.


Mt. Olivet A beautiful local and historical cemetery. In this first video clip we are taking photos when I decided to do an on the fly paratek/EVP session. You will hear the spirit named, “Mary Underhill” whisper her last name because I was interrupted by the Ovilus and didn’t finish reading it out loud. It’s at 55 seconds you hear Mary whisper her last name, after I say the word,¬† “phantom”.¬†

The haunted rectory and church cemetery. An on the fly quick session to see which historic grave would respond. 

This next audio clip is¬† an audio only EVP caught while me and 1 other person are chatting at Mt Olivet.¬† At 4 to 5 seconds a 3rd woman is recorded whispering, “I heard that” behind our voices.

Me arriving at a large cemetery in the Shenandoah Valley before encountering a surprise spirit.

This amazing clip takes place at our own members house! We establish clear contact with spirits from the cemetery that I s next door to their house. The same cemetery in the last video that I visited searching for an in-law. This contact takes a few minutes to confirm and then we are amazed!













The Haunted Rectory Circa 1905 April 2019


This was the most bizarre investigation we have encountered! We experienced ectoplasm (??) upon our arrival and all kinds of spirit activity and communication. We have pictures and video of the ectoplasm.¬† We will post the evidence soon! We have a bunch of the evidence already posted on our “Lunar Paranormal Virginia’s” Facebook page. Give it a like and check it out.

Here is footage of our arrival!

The priest’s reaction upon our arrival with ectoplasm showing up . This video is intentionally left blank.¬†

Don, (the haunted MD), hears a growl around 6 to 7 seconds while we are inspecting the ectoplasm. CREEPY!

Our cam caught this brief , loud unknown scream. None of us heard this live. Only on playback later.

The beginning of our spirit session in the rectory office.

Part 2 of our office session 

Part 3 continued group spirit session revealing LOTS of information!

Me making contact on the fly with spirits in the cemetery at the rectory/church. These 2 videos are 2 different points of view.

More confirmation this spirit is bad and admits growling!

The bad spirit refers to himself as, “Satan” when we start asking questions.


University of Virginia Class Presentation and Haunting Activity March 2019

We were invited to the University of Virginia to be guest speakers for a religion class.¬† We invited Dr. Donald Molnar the “Haunted MD” to help. Our results we’re compelling when it turned into a paranormal investigation! We met a spirit who claimed to be a UVA graduate from 1900-1950 era. I’m posting the 2nd half with all the paranormal activity first. The first half is our lecture with the class on paranormal investigating which will be posted 2nd. ¬†¬†

Part 2


Part 1


 Here is the end of the presentation where we were asked what we think about Ouija boards. Click link below.


This post is a compilation of paranormal evidence examples that we shared during our University of Virginia class presentation. March 2019.

This first clip is at the Exchange Hotel and Civil War Medical Museum. I highly recommend watching it on a large-screen monitor. It is amazing Shadow Man footage we captured and didn’t quite realize it at the time.

Awesome Spirit interaction in the hallway leading to the Tower at Swannanoa Palace last year. Soon after this we got the name, “Sally” on our Ovilus. Swannanoa Palace was built for her.¬† If you want to see more of this clip check it out on our website under, “Swannanoa Palace Halloween Event 2018”

This clip shows a lot of amazing interaction giving the spirits to the SLS cam. This is that our team members very haunted house next to a huge Cemetery/ Crematory.

Another clip at the same location with the same spirits in the SLS cam. Notice how the one on the right keeps touching the flashlight to make it turn on and off? Something Danielle points out in the video.

“Joe” A great EVP we caught at the Miller-Kite Civil War Museum. This was during last year’s Halloween event that we co-hosted for the museum. If you’d like to see more results from that it’s all on our website.

Private investigation we did last summer at the Civil War Graffiti House in Brandy,  Station Virginia


Bob,  A great Spirit Box response we caught on another private investigation at the Civil War Graffiti house. We believe this is Private Bob Lewis from the Civil War

It’s down there ‘Cemetery”

A VERY clear EVP of a child that we caught at the Exchange Hotel and Civil War Medical Museum. We had just walked in the door and were the only 4 adults in the entire Museum.




Extreme Haunted House by Cemetery/Crematory Investigation #3 Feb. 2019

We had such an action packed investigation last weekend! We will be posting evidence throughout the week.These first 3 clips are extremely active spirit box sessions. We have never heard SO MUCH communication through the spirit box!!! We learn a few answers regarding the young girl who haunts this location 


Veronica the 10 year old girl spirit has an intense flashlight session with us! She answers questions and has A LOT of energy! This next clip is in 2 parts because the cam shut off. This contact was amazing!

A funny moment with a television spirit!!


An amazing SLS cam session with spirts you can see manipulating the flashlight! amazing spirit box session! We also hear Chris’s name said!

The Exchange Hotel and Civil War Medical Museum Christmas Investigation w UVA Book Writer & Professor Dec. 2018

_storage_emulated_0_Android_data_com.sec.imsservice_files_Samsung Messages_20181222_161706.jpg48407233_764055097261949_7744081662551523328_nWe had an amazing and different investigation this time at the Exchange Hotel! The activity was not all the norm for us. Definitely A LOT of paranormal equipment interference! Also, UVA PH-D Daniel Wise and his assistant from UVA, Professor Carter joined us. Daniel is known for spirts not displaying activity in his presence. We saw a lot of examples of this as you will see!¬† This first clip you hear a repeat 3 knocks upon my request. It occurs at the end of the cam beeping. We don’t hear it live.

This is truly amazing communication with 2 people, each holding 1 dousing rod! this is also Professor Carter’s first paranormal experience. Please click on the link…..

This clip below happens twice in 45 minutes. It is a shadow blocking an unexplained light in the “Sister’s of Mercy” room. Right on cue with my question! Our member Dennis picks up on this both times with his ghost radar and tries to figure out the unexplained light too! The unexplained light is only visible on our full spec ghost cam not the cellphone footage. Notice we aren’t able to block the light either no matter where we are situated in hall.

An Amazing 3rd floor hallway session!

More contact on the 3rd floor !!

These next clips take place in the surgical room. The spirit hears the train in the first one!

Civil War Spirits in the surgical room.

Spirit Box session in the surgical room!

The light anomaly caught in the Sister’s of Mercy room behind us! Footage showing how our member Dennis notices this in the end.

A candid session with Major Richard. We also learn that he is “stuck” there!

Summer kitchen SLS Cam footage

The BEST spirit session with Major Richard in the summer kitchen house. Richard has a sorted past. He murdered his wife for infidelity then killed himself. Richard remembers me from previous investigations so he is nice to us.

There were several EVP’s caught during our investigation. Crank the volume or use ear buds for quality audio! There are some wild female rambling ones to high pitched squealing! After clicking the link, scroll down and find the 2 posts with all the EVP’s!!!

Swannanoa Palace Public Halloween Ghost Hunt Fundraiser for The Community Cat Project Lunar Paranormal Virginia w/ The Haunted MD




Our event was aired on Charlottesville NBC 29 News! 


¬†Give our Facebook page a “like” or request to be added to our closed group! This was an incredible investigation/event! We also invited Don Molnar¬† the “Haunted MD” to join us for this event. We had an overwhelming amount of evidence starting from the very beginning like these first 2 clips. Keep in mind the cam films in 10 minute loops so that is why the clips are separate.¬†


More action with Walter, dowsing, and the Haunted MD!

An amazing clip on the 3rd floor tower hallway!!

Part 2 of the 3rd floor intense action with the spirits!

These next 2 clips I had to post ahead because they are SO good. Part of the group was able to investigate in James Dooley’s old room! He was very forward with us and we had A LOT of unexplained activity including X-cam footage.¬†

Part 2 With Mr. Dooley!

This is our spirit box session in Mr. Dooley’s room along with SLS Cam action which will be posted separately because it was filmed on a different cam.

 The SLS Cam footage from the above clip. The camera apparently was turned upside down for a minute during this clip. Luckily it gets corrected. We believe the ghost in the cam is Mr. Dooley

Check out this riveting EVP Danielle caught in the library at Swannanoa. This was within the first 45 seconds of our arrival!

Photos taken by Danielle Walker:  




These 2 are previous photos by: Chris Breeden












This was the beginning of us trying to figure out what the noises are and who. Unfortunately this is where our cam cut off but we have bits and pieces coming up!

It’s very clear the spirits don’t want us up here! We think it’s James Dooley. Oct. 2018. Quick clip!

Again we are being told to leave! Quick clip!

After all that and seems the spirits don’t want us to leave! Quick clip!


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