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Fleetwood Church Public Ghost Hunt/Fundraiser June 2020

103259851_708022113316326_4388958313765804273_oAmazing communication at this historical church right from the start! to hear about the history of Fleetwood Church scroll to the last video!!! Spirit Guides Paranormal reveals a lot of history regarding the church and the surrounding area.


A big energy moment! And more dousing with A LOT of interaction with the spirits! 

Disembodied footsteps heard!!!

CHECK OUT this amazing phenomenon at the doorway!

SLS Ghost Cam footage with participants!

A historical and unknown answer is revealed!!!

A child spirit at the table

Spirit Guides Paranormal reveals the history of Fleetwood Church!

The Lafayette Inn May 2020 Preliminary Investigation


Hauntings and history of the Lafayette Inn! Along with some behind the scenes clips.

Ghost Touching The start of our preliminary investigation at the Historic Lafayette Inn Circa 1840

What name does this Civil War Soldier call us? He is scorned from his wife’s infidelity and apparently took his own life. The full clip from this session is posted below this clip.

Full session with scorned soldier

The Washington Room at the Lafayette Inn. Originally built in the 1820’s. It’s the oldest room and pre-dates the Inn by 20 years. Rumors of a little boy spirit. What happens while we investigate? 

An interesting phenomenon occurred with our K2 meters in the slave quarters.

The spirits keep messing with Suzette’s spirit box. check out these different instances where it moved on it’s own and more! 

Suzette put this transcript of result from our investigation.

Lafayette Inn 52420 Video Transcript

We have more evidence from this investigation to review . Stay tuned!

Investigation of a 1700’s and Civil War Cemetery April 2020 Ghost on Camera!

Is this Jacob the 1700’s ghost coming out of his grave on camera? Here is the full video first. The an extra slow -motion clip of the ghost I posted separate below.


I start this clip below picking up where we left off with the apparent ghost of Jacob who comes out of his grave. He discusses possible causes of his death.
And,  communication with revolutionary soldiers at the river? This is a compilation of evidence from this on the fly investigation.

More Intense Communication on the Fly at the Miller-Kite Museum in December 2019

A creepy session with 10 Confederate Soldiers, 6 Union Prisoners, and a child slave! What historical information do we learn? 

More from this is posted on our Facebook page and will soon be updated to here. To view more evidence from this on the fly investigation log on to our Facebook page

A spooky clip where a voice is heard in the room, not through the box!

Such a great clip clearly confirming who this frequent Civil War Soldier ghost is!!!

Did General Stonewall Jackson meet John Wilks Booth? 

More about Thomas Jackson and John Wilks Booth

General Jackson states his name once again through the ghost box. Sounds creepy this time!

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