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  Welcome to Lunar Paranormal Virginia!  We have over 500 + video clips from different investigations/events to share. We have great evidence that we capture and validate during our investigations. Check under, “Recent Posts” to see all of our evidence and haunted locations. Feel free to give our Facebook page a “Like”or request to be added to our closed Facebook group ðŸ‘»


   We are a group of paranormal investigators from Virginia. We investigate historical/haunted locations, residential, outdoor,  and host public/private paranormal events, fundraisers and investigations. As directors of the Elkton Historical Society, most of our fundraisers are based around donating a percentage  for historic restoration/ preservation and animal rescue groups.  

 Our investigations never disappoint! Our Medium brings an energy that provides us with amazing results yielding lots of answers.  She has practiced spirit communication for over 15 years.  She and her husband currently live in an 1850s haunted home.  She discovered solely through paranormal investigating  18th and 19th century graves on their property. This was even verified with professional certified cadaver dogs. If you want to see these videos look under,  “Recent Posts” , “My Haunted Farmhouse !”

All of the Lunar Paranormal members have different intuitive abilities they contribute to our investigations. All members live in currently active haunted homes too!

Check out all of our evidence, investigations, and events here on our site. Feel free to contact us for public investigations, events, etc. Email us directly on here and please give our site a follow 🦉 

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