The Exchange Hotel and Civil War Museum Dec. 2017 Private Investigation


We have investigated the Civil War Exchange Hotel and Medical Museum 4 times! Each time becomes more eventful ! We have A LOT more evidence from previous investigations at the Exchange Hotel that we will be adding to the website soon! An incredible clip during our Dec.2017 investigation at The Civil War Exchange Hotel and Museum. I just asked if it was George we were speaking with and he answered, “that’s me”. Then after he knocked the picture off the wall he told us to, pick it up”. And he even admitted that he did it, “because”. Click on the link below!

Be sure to watch till the end! I included our footage of the room we had ghost cam footage of a spirit in the bed that we were asking about..  This is the full version of our experience  in the surgical room with Sarita from Chasing Shadows Inv. Dec. 2017

This is a riveting clip with the angry DR. George Bagby. Who apparently does not think highly of women. We get quite a response from him . Notice the X-cam shows us spirits located in the area with all the activity is. Notice the huge orb that goes past my face at the end!

Clip#1 The Same session filmed by 2 different cams. The first clip captures the X-Cam footage and the spirit box session. What do you hear this spirit call his wife?! He murdered her for infidelity during the Civil War.

Clip #2  The same session but different cam. Check out what is behind my back floating back and forth! A huge orb! You can see it in the mirror. Tell us what you think.

To view several more videos from the Dec. 2017 investigation along with previous evidence from past Exchange Hotel Investigations, log onto the link below.

14045576_10154838545779239_9115148779257510341_n (2)

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