Swannanoa Palace Ghost Hunt/Fundraiser for the Cat Action Team and Palace Event June 2019


PLEASE READ this important disclaimer from Swannanoa Palace!

DISCLAIMER: Please remember and know that Swannanoa is private property, this means the house AND grounds. In respect for the owners wishes and so they can continue to open for the public and host these kinds of events, they ask that no one drives up or enters property unless they are open to the public or private event has been booked through them. Those found on property at unauthorized times are trespassing! We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Follow their page for full schedule and contact information.


PLEASE feel free to go back on to our  Facebook page post and leave comments  of what you think about the footage from the Swannanoa Palace event and your experiences ! What a great ghost hunt/fundraiser! We had the “Haunted MD” join us again for an evening of non-stop paranormal activity! Because there’s so much evidence I’m posting the highlights I can remember first then the rest in succession. This first clip is in the music room  with SO much interaction. We believe this is James Dooley. He clearly states his name through the ghost box.


This next clip is a lot of activity occurring in the music room!


In this clip we learn that Adrianne has an admirer!


This is a great clip with massive contact with James Dooley (original owner) in his bedroom! 


Luckily one of our participants, Kimmie, caught the periscope action on her cam along with her K2 meter lighting up!

Here is Kimmy William’s clip she caught of the Periscope interaction in Dooley’s room! Our cam did not catch it. We are so grateful that Kimmy caught this and submitted it! Thank you!https://www.facebook.com/hauntedmd/videos/1143085019231476/

This next clip is timely with a breeze that is felt by the Haunted MD right when James enters in to his past bedroom to communicate with us!


The “Haunted MD” decides to play some Mozart to see if the spirit recognizes it! 


We had access to a bedroom in the palace just for this event! We played a name game with the spirts! 


An extremely active clip in the hallway outside of Sallie Mae’s room!


James Dooley admits that he likes Walter and Lao Russell! Also communicates with the “Haunted MD”


A spirit shows up upon request of one of our participants!


NEW!!!  Here is the quick SLS ghost cam footage of the last clip.


NEW!!!   An awesome VERY BRIGHT orb passes through the music room during our session! 


When I ask the spirits to start touching people’s EMF meter one says, “no” through the ghost box. The other activates the “yes” button on the ghost equipment that a participant is holding!  Then everyone starts getting lots of activity!


NEW!!!   More 2nd floor massive communication with many different tools! More through the ghost box!!


NEW!!! They are ready for us to leave! After being so entertaining for us all evening the spirits aren’t hesitating to give us a push out the door when we start to say goodbye! Ha! Ha!


NEW!!!  One of my favorite quick clips with clear answers about how many spirits there are in the music room.!Along with devices going off on the floor and spirits are admitting to them!


NEW!!!  Our triple dousing rod session when we were first warming up with the ghosts of the palace! I wasn’t planning on trying three sets at once. As you can see it was a struggle for the spirits but they still came through! 


NEW!!!  The Palace spirits love Sandy the owner for all that she and her husband are doing! That was made clear during this dousing session. 


NEW!!! SLS ghost cam footage when our camera man enters the music room during both of our investigations October 2018 and June 2019! At first we thought the cam was “false mapping” the chair until it was in the same location again this year! Also,  Chris pans the cam backand forth to eliminate false mapping. Plusthespirit is not seen in other chairs. Pretty cool! 

June 2019 


Previous year Oct. 2018





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