Swannanoa Palace Ghost Hunt/Fundraiser for the Cat Action Team and Palace Event June 2019

20181027_171428What a great ghost hunt/fundraiser! We had the “Haunted MD” join us again for an evening of non-stop paranormal activity! Because there’s so much evidence I’m posting the highlights I can remember first then the rest in succession. This first clip is in the music room¬† with SO much interaction. We believe this is James Dooley. He clearly states his name through the ghost box.


This next clip is a lot of activity occurring in the music room!


This is a great clip with massive contact with James Dooley (original owner) in his bedroom! 


This next clip is timely with a breeze that is felt by the Haunted MD right when James enters in to his past bedroom to communicate with us!


The “Haunted MD” decides to play some Mozart to see if the spirit recognizes it!¬†


I am posting on our Facebook page so please give it a “like”! We will follow with posting all the evidence directly on here too! Stay tuned!

The Miller-Kite Private Investigation May 2019


I will post all of this evidence soon!

We had an amazing investigation once again at this Civil War stronghold! My family was here to join me. The showcase in the War Room pictured here came on by itself an hour after we arrived. In speaking with the Historical Society,  to their knowledge that has never occurred. And it certainly has not occurred the previous 5 times we investigated. I will post the video soon of the spirit clearly stating through the Spirit Box that they made the light turn on  and validating our answer with the flashlight! We also had contact once again with General Stonewall Jackson. It was an interesting investigation because we had a high-ranking officer with us who the soldiers had to salute him. But since he was one rank under General Jackson he had to salute General Jackson upon request. All of this will be posted soon!

Also, my family and I established 20 minutes of ongoing contact with several  members of our family who have passed on.

Cemeteries of the Past

free-scary-halloween-backgrounds-collectionThis is part 1 of a compilation of cemetery activity at different cemeteries of our relatives or unmarked fieldstone cemeteries. Some of this evidence is audio only.

¬†THE DEAN CEMETERY in the Shenandoah National Park is a historic cemetery dating back to the early 1800’s. The first person to be buried there is our group member’s great, great great, grandfather. We have a few responses with spirits during different visits. There are also a lot of unmarked graves in this cemetery.

This first video clip is me in Dean cemetery learning about a woman spirit and her family who’s tombstone is undetermined due to wear and time. Click on the link below.


¬†¬†This short audio clip is an old one. “Mike Dean” the mailman coming through on the spirit box.¬† He passed away in his 40’s due to a motorcycle accident. This was the first time I ever used a spirit box!¬†


These next 2 video clips are in the unmarked part of Dean cemetery. They speak for themselves…..



The next audio clip we were searching for an old fieldstone cemetery off the Pocosin Trail in the Shenandoah National Park. A VERY clear EVP came through on our digital recorder guiding us in the correct direction.


When we find the fieldstone cemetery I decide to do a video with a flashlight session. This is a good example of me picking up on a spirit’s information. What happens is it will seem like I know the right questions to ask even though we had absolutely no information to go by.¬† We were lucky to find the cemetery hiding in the forest off the trail . We truly felt guided!¬†


Stay tuned for Part 2 of “Cemeteries of the Past “.


Mt. Olivet A beautiful local and historical cemetery. In this first video clip we are taking photos when I decided to do an on the fly paratek/EVP session. You will hear the spirit named, “Mary Underhill” whisper her last name because I was interrupted by the Ovilus and didn’t finish reading it out loud. It’s at 55 seconds you hear Mary whisper her last name, after I say the word,¬† “phantom”.¬†


The haunted rectory and church cemetery. An on the fly quick session to see which historic grave would respond. 

This next audio clip is¬† an audio only EVP caught while me and 1 other person are chatting at Mt Olivet.¬† At 4 to 5 seconds a 3rd woman is recorded whispering, “I heard that” behind our voices.


Me arriving at a large cemetery in the Shenandoah Valley before encountering a surprise spirit.


This amazing clip takes place at our own members house! We establish clear contact with spirits from the cemetery that I s next door to their house. The same cemetery in the last video that I visited searching for an in-law. This contact takes a few minutes to confirm and then we are amazed!














The Haunted Rectory Circa 1905 April 2019


This was the most bizarre investigation we have encountered! We experienced ectoplasm (??) upon our arrival and all kinds of spirit activity and communication. We have pictures and video of the ectoplasm.¬† We will post the evidence soon! We have a bunch of the evidence already posted on our “Lunar Paranormal Virginia’s” Facebook page. Give it a like and check it out.

Here is footage of our arrival!

The priest’s reaction upon our arrival with ectoplasm showing up . This video is intentionally left blank.¬†

Don, (the haunted MD), hears a growl around 6 to 7 seconds while we are inspecting the ectoplasm. CREEPY!

Our cam caught this brief , loud unknown scream. None of us heard this live. Only on playback later.

The beginning of our spirit session in the rectory office.

Part 2 of our office session 

Part 3 continued group spirit session revealing LOTS of information!

Me making contact on the fly with spirits in the cemetery at the rectory/church. These 2 videos are 2 different points of view.

More confirmation this spirit is bad and admits growling!

The bad spirit refers to himself as, “Satan” when we start asking questions.


University of Virginia Class Presentation and Haunting Activity March 2019

We were invited to the University of Virginia to be guest speakers for a religion class.¬† We invited Dr. Donald Molnar the “Haunted MD” to help. Our results we’re compelling when it turned into a paranormal investigation! We met a spirit who claimed to be a UVA graduate from 1900-1950 era. I’m posting the 2nd half with all the paranormal activity first. The first half is our lecture with the class on paranormal investigating which will be posted 2nd. ¬†¬†

Part 2



Part 1



 Here is the end of the presentation where we were asked what we think about Ouija boards. Click link below.

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