Residential Haunting by Cemetery 2nd Investigation Feb. 2018

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I will be posting A LOT more about this investigation at my friend’s house in the next few days. It was amazing! We met a lot of spirits including General Samuel McRoberts who was in WWI. After LOTS of contact with him, we googled his name and found General Samuel McRoberts from WWI.  And his family is also from Augusta county. I will be posting those clips tomorrow. Here are a few clips from the beginning of last night’s investigation where we had a warm up with dowsing rods and lots of contact in the back bedroom . “Cookies” are for better video viewing. Below is a great clip when we first arrived. It’s always enjoyable to see the reactions of people having their first paranormal encounter. We just noticed a freaky big face on the wall to the left of the recliner. It appears animated and does not move with the camera glare!


During this clip I get pretty scared of the haunted hallway. Shadow people and all!


I have posted a few more clips from this investigation with more to come! Please check them out a the “playlists” website above. There is a hallway clip and the beginning of the computer room clip along with the link below to a communication session that is awesome!

Check out this new clip I just posted  it is awesome! We have lots of contact with the spirits of the cemetery and our first intro to the General!   

I have added 6 more videos of pure evidence since yesterday. The last 2 are the contact we had with the WWI General Samuel McRoberts.  This is one of the MOST ACTIVE investigations I have ever experienced! Check them out at

Here are EVP’s from this investigation. A special thanks to Danielle, the resident of this extremely haunted house, for taking the time to review the audio and provide us with these clips! This clip you hear, “over here” at   0 to 1 sec.

This clip is a “Class “A” EVP,  you hear a female say, “Usually this one’s a charm??” at 4 seconds.

This clip the volume will increase and you will hear a few responses including the distorted sounding word, “share” around 4 sec, . We were talking to a child spirit (who may have speech problems), who expressed they wanted to “share” the bike that’s in the basement.

This next clip you can hear a whisper that says, “Go to the mirror” at 2 sec. We had taken a few pictures in the mirror before that hoping to catch a spirit image.

This clip you hear,   “Mom” whispered, at 7 seconds. We were all in the other room .  

This clip you hear a male whisper, “GO!” at 0 sec.  

We also have a “Class A” EVP from our first investigation where the spirit responds directly to us and sounds like they are in the room! at 17 seconds you hear the spirit answer back, “you’re welcome”!

Here are more EVPS the residents just caught after our last investigation.

“Shouldn’t be in the house!”.

” Not yet”


“Shave and a haircut” response back!

Sounds like a baby crying. This was recorded while everyone was asleep. And the noises of the baby screaming didn’t register as sound on the recorder!

These are 2 spirit box clips from our first investigation at this residence. The first one is a spirit admitting he thought it was funny (at 5seconds) he turned off our thermal cam. After he says that you hear a woman says, “funny”.



This is from the same SB session where we learn our prankster’s name is, “Jim”. At 42 seconds after I say,  “soldier”, you hear the spirit quickly say, “My name is Jim”.  We keep seeing a blur on our thermal cam too. Is it Jim?


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