The Exchange Hotel and Civil War Medical Museum Christmas Investigation w UVA Book Writer & Professor Dec. 2018

_storage_emulated_0_Android_data_com.sec.imsservice_files_Samsung Messages_20181222_161706.jpg48407233_764055097261949_7744081662551523328_nWe had an amazing and different investigation this time at the Exchange Hotel! The activity was not all the norm for us. Definitely A LOT of paranormal equipment interference! Also, UVA PH-D Daniel Wise and his assistant from UVA, Professor Carter joined us. Daniel is known for spirts not displaying activity in his presence. We saw a lot of examples of this as you will see!ย  This first clip you hear a repeat 3 knocks upon my request. It occurs at the end of the cam beeping. We don’t hear it live.

This is truly amazing communication with 2 people, each holding 1 dousing rod! this is also Professor Carter’s first paranormal experience. Please click on the link…..

This clip below happens twice in 45 minutes. It is a shadow blocking an unexplained light in the “Sister’s of Mercy” room. Right on cue with my question! Our member Dennis picks up on this both times with his ghost radar and tries to figure out the unexplained light too! The unexplained light is only visible on our full spec ghost cam not the cellphone footage. Notice we aren’t able to block the light either no matter where we are situated in hall.

An Amazing 3rd floor hallway session!

More contact on the 3rd floor !!

These next clips take place in the surgical room. The spirit hears the train in the first one!

Civil War Spirits in the surgical room.

Spirit Box session in the surgical room!

The light anomaly caught in the Sister’s of Mercy room behind us! Footage showing how our member Dennis notices this in the end.

A candid session with Major Richard. We also learn that he is “stuck” there!

Summer kitchen SLS Cam footage

The BEST spirit session with Major Richard in the summer kitchen house. Richard has a sorted past. He murdered his wife for infidelity then killed himself. Richard remembers me from previous investigations so he is nice to us.ย

There were several EVP’s caught during our investigation. Crank the volume or use ear buds for quality audio! There are some wild female rambling ones to high pitched squealing! After clicking the link, scroll down and find the 2 posts with all the EVP’s!!!

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