The Civil War Graffiti House Sept. 2018


We had an action packed investigation on National Ghost Hunting Day at the Civil War Graffiti House and Fleetwood Church Cemetery. We had “Bridging Realms Paranormal” join us for this amazing hunt! We have A LOT of evidence to sift through and post the next couple weeks.

These first 2 clips are us just getting started upstairs with the spirits of this old Civil War field hospital. Check out some of the really clear responses we get on the Spirit Box starting with the gentleman saying, “hi” to us!

This next clip is a spirit box session with a lot of responses. Notice the orb after I ask if they died here. This spirit is trying to reveal to us where his graffiti is located on the wall!

These next 2 clips are incredible communication. This first one we learn why this spirit can’t reach our equipment! 


This is extremely strong contact with a soldier who claims he died in this surgical room!

These next 2 clips are riveting moments for us! Keep in mind we have heard foot steps here before!

Dennis was right about the what the spirit box was saying in this quick clip!!!

We are in the 1850’s Fleetwood Church Cemetery where we learn information that is unknown.

We meet a spirit named, “Brayden” in this clip. He makes himself known in multiple ways. Great SLS cam footage too!

Is this Private Michael Bowman? He states that he, “was” a Union Soldier. Or maybe this is the 2nd spirit in the room. Because Michael was a Confederate Soldier so maybe he switched sides? Let us know your opinion! Notice at the beginning it is confirmed that there are 2 spirits in the room.



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