The Blue Ridge Tunnel Dec. 2020

The spirits in the Blue Ridge tunnel reveal a lot of historical secrets and info! There were a lot of people so it was challenging. But the spirits still communicated.

The history we learned during our brief walkthrough of the tunnel lines up with the past. We had several spirits mentioning that they were slaves and lost their lives in the tunnel along with some Irish immigrant workers. I also confirmed with a Civil War-era soldier that they used the tunnel to pass through during the war. All of the spirits that I made contact with expressed their happiness about the tunnels reconstruction and people visiting. Check out the video clips from last weekend to see what else the spirits revealed while in the Blue Ridge Tunnel. My equipment definitely acted strange but I brought very minimal since it’s really wet and there are a lot of noise factors such as people and water. There were a couple menacing spirits. Overall there are a lot of good spirits associated with the tunnel and the land surrounding it. Spirits are everywhere.

The Blue Ridge Tunnel is very busy now that it’s open to the public. It’s nice that they put in a hiking trail that’s safe to access the tunnel from both East and West sides. Didn’t really like the big chain link fence on the entire hike between it and the current-day railroad but I understand why they put it there. Kind of gave it The Walking Dead feeling though lol. Prepare to be wet and cold but was quite the experience from a historical and architectural standpoint. The tunnel was built by slaves and Irish immigrants . It took over 8 years to construct and took many lives during its process. It was also rumored that during the Civil War the soldiers secretly used it during their travels. We kind of felt like we stepped back in time, especially hearing the train arriving on the parallel track below……Until we saw that it was an Amtrak passenger train lol! That brought us back to reality. Still a beautiful tunnel though. At the time of its completion in 1858 it was the longest railroad tunnel in the world.

Part 2

Part 3

After hearing the repetitive screeching noises during my paranormal evidence from the tunnel it kept nagging at me about the sounds. So I googled old steam locomotive train brakes and found the phantom squealing sounds in the videos I posted! Here is a compilation of some of the screeching sounds caught with our evidence clips and a link to train brakes screeching to compare. I was floored but not surprised
Historical documentary of the tunnel

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