“My Haunted Farm House”





I will post TONS of evidence we have captured at our house over the last few years. I refer to our home when it was a log cabin from 1850-1890 in some of our clips. Here is a picture below of the log cabin part of our farmhouse hidden in the walls! In 1890 they added on to it and closed it in with wooden siding and turned it into a farmhouse. The other pic is under our house. It shows the trees they used to hold up the log cabin. We have A LOT of spirits attached to our home, out buildings and land including Native American and Revolutionary /Civil War spirits. There is more evidence past and present we will post soon!

To view the interviews with the murderer in my barn part 1, 2, and 3 scroll down to the bottom.

AMAZING ghost box responses under a haunted oak tree on our property. A relative of mine mentioned seeing a woman spirit under this huge old oak tree years ago. Listen to who responds! 


Two spirits in our family room fighting on the SLS ghost cam! This is the 2nd time. One of the ghosts crawls across the ceiling and holds on the light fixture!


Two spirits again but upstairs. I learn who one of them is. I also tell them not to fight! Do they listen?

July 2019 Crazy upstairs ghost session in my haunted 1850’s barn. This is some serious activity! All captured with many devices including the SLS ghost cam! Make sure you watch until the end! The first half I use the ghost box and I’m sorry if it sounded a little staticky this time. I didn’t notice while filming because I was too preoccupied with all of the spirit responses! Wait till you hear what comes through the ghost box when I leave the barn for a minute! Very creepy! Be sure to watch part 2 when I go downstairs and meet another ghost!

Part 2 Click below on the link.


July 2019 A spirit turns off my ghost box during my haunted barn session!!!! Soon after,  I sense a bad spirit and confirm it! This was during an electrical storm. Be sure to watch Part 2 the prelude that took place before the ghost box was turned off! 

Part 1


Part 2



June 2019 2 spirit on the SLS ghost cam fighting in my haunted farmhouse! Their response to my question are amazing! Be sure to watch Part 2 !

Part 1


Part 2


A recent clip with a woman spirit in our haunted farmhouse. We learn in part 2 about her attachment to our 1890’s cradle. 

Pt.1 https://dai.ly/x795xyw

Pt. 2 https://dai.ly/x79bzv6

Benjamin has admitted he is literally in hell and trying to redeem himself! Check out those clips below under, “Interview with a Murderer in my Barn”. 

An amazing SLS Cam and flashlight session with David who really surprises me in the end!! This was filmed the same day as the one above with Benjamin.  May 2019




This quick clip below shows paranormal light flickering in my haunted farmhouse. This was right after we discussed renovation to expose the old walls in this room. Click on link below……. 


March 2019 This pic is from one of the old buildings on our property. Obviously someone was mad at Dave. Learning about “Dave/David” a prominent spirit in my haunted farmhouse.  I decided to find out strait from the source if everyone’s suicide suspicions are true! See what David says to our question of suicide.


You clearly hear Dave/David say his name through the spirit box!


A Candid session with David right before learning about his suicide. Please click on the link….. 


More amazing spirit sessions with Dave!

1. Getting familiar


2. More Responses


Here is the follow -up video where I ask the spirit “Dave” if he committed suicide. Be sure to watch it until the end!


 March 2019 The BEST double flashlight/K2 session with murder victim who lived in my haunted farmhouse. She validates everything her killer (ex-husband) revealed to me during our sessions in the barn (on here). She also answers A LOT of religion based questions too. This has me floored!

A July 2017 clip with David the ghost. One of my many times he pops up! He shows such strong energy in this clip with the double flashlights! And he has a sense of humor. Please click on link ….


A quick clip of a flashing light that occurs at 28 seconds and 44 seconds during my intense communication with Nick. I believe it is the spirit trying to manifest. I even mention it while it happens. The light reflecting in the T.V. is from the SLS Cam. Dec. 2018.

Nov. 2018 Two amazing SLS cam and spirit box clips in my haunted farmhouse! Contact with David, a spirit who  is always lurking. Sometimes he’s in a grumpy mood as you can hear in the previous spirit box sessions.

Sept. 2018 Part 3 of my intense interview with a murderer in my barn. Remember he and his wife lived in our house for several years. He claims he’s redeeming himself out of  hell literally! He even mentions Jesus. If you haven’t watched part 1 and 2, watch them first!

September 2018 A series of spirit box responses from our home. 

August 2018 Part 1  An interview with a convicted murderer in my barn who CLEARLY states he has no regrets. He is the husband who murdered his wife Mary when they used to live in my house. He found her down the street at her moms house with another man and then shot them both in cold blood. Benjamin has since passed away himself. Here are my riveting conversations with him via the emf meter. He never corresponded through the ovilus.

Part 2 interview with nurderer in my barn

Aug. 2018. Check these spirit box responses out! I did another session . Help!!! Seems to be the message. I put all of the responses together in this one clip for easier listening.

Yesterday, August 11, 2018. A walk through my 1850’s home running the spirit box. I got a little freaked in my own home and never made it to the upstairs room. Keep in mind that Spirit Box responses are very quick  so keep your ears open.  A pair of earbuds always helps . 







































































































Some of the best contact! Sept.2017. We are remodeling our kitchen which was added on to our 1850’s farmhouse in 1890. This clip is very validating with the coordinated EMF spikes!




























There is a woman spirit named, “Mary” in my house. She was murdered by her abusive husband when he found her down the street cheating on him. Contact with “Mary Elizabeth” is always amazing!



I felt a presence in this corner of our bedroom and began filming with my cell. Check out the quick shooting star orb at exactly 2 seconds. It makes a crackle sound before it disappears.

























A great flashlight session getting to know the spirit in our 1850’s barn.  Keep in mind our home was a log cabin in the 1800’s. Then in 1900 it was turned in to a farmhouse and dairy farm. The contact with this spirit was  lengthy and consistent.



























I decided to investigate the oldest part of our house today June 17, 2018. I met a spirit by the named, “Nick”.  I have mixed feeling about Nick and if he is a good spirit or not. I am amazed at his energy and communication with me. He has me confused though. Is he evil? Or did an evil person hurt Nick? Check out Pt.2 When I ask a resident spirit what he thinks of Nick. Keep in mind that our house was originally a four-room log cabin in the 1850s and then was turned into a big farmhouse in 1900.



























Pt. 2 My session with Adam and Nick

Is Nick a victim or an evil spirit. Let us know what you think. I’m having a hard time reading him. He is very puzzling.


























We have A LOT more evidence to come! Stay tuned!



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