The Miller-Kite Museum Halloween 2020 Spirit Event

Another amazing fundraiser with more great paranormal results we will share on here through out the week!

This is an amazing intelligent response from this ghost during our Miller-Kite Civil War Museum event! Also some interesting light anomalies with our full spectrum ghost hunting cam. Which pics up different spectrums of light the human eye cant see. Oct. 2020

Miller-Kite Museum September 11th Group Spirit Investigation

Starting off the event with dowsing footage of participants and the spirits of the Miller-Kite Museum!

An amazing investigation ! We will post results through out the week!

This first clip I jumped ahead tour amazing spirit box and dowsing interaction in the artifact room

The spirits at the Miller-Kite Museum clearly answer questions about participants through the spirit box and dowsing rods!

More footage soon!

First time dousing participant!

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