The Miller-Kite Private Investigation May 2019


I will post all of this evidence soon!

We had an amazing investigation once again at this Civil War stronghold! My family was here to join me. The showcase in the War Room pictured here came on by itself an hour after we arrived. In speaking with the Historical Society,  to their knowledge that has never occurred. And it certainly has not occurred the previous 5 times we investigated. I will post the video soon of the spirit clearly stating through the Spirit Box that they made the light turn on  and validating our answer with the flashlight! We also had contact once again with General Stonewall Jackson. It was an interesting investigation because we had a high-ranking officer with us who the soldiers had to salute him. But since he was one rank under General Jackson he had to salute General Jackson upon request. All of this will be posted soon!

Also, my family and I established 20 minutes of ongoing contact with several  members of our family who have passed on.

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