Oct.13, 2018 Miller-Kite Ghost Hunting Public Event/Fundraiser 🎃

Photo7997        Below photos from Mindy Taylor a participant. One is the blown up version! Tell us what you think!


Mindy Taylor again had the fortunate gift of catching this photo of a woman in the top part of the window. Along with other faces people see.

We had action packed investigation at the Oct. 13th Miller-Kite ghost hunting fundraiser. These first 2 videos are the beginning of the investigation with our amazing and very validating session we had with the spirit of “William Edwin Kite”!

Continued with Edwin

This next footage is with the second investigation . This is an amazing dowsing session with “Edwin” the spirit who apparently favors women! If anyone has footage of the beginning of this that is up closer, please feel free to submit me it our website or Facebook group. Thank you!

This is a great video with group 1 of us making contact with Stonewall Jackson and a Union Prisoner. The SLS (ghost cam) footage was filmed separate and will be posted soon!

Behind the scenes quick clip on way upstairs to communicate with Stonewall Jackson!

Here is group 2 for our action packed investigation in the artifact room. It is interesting to see the difference between the 2 investigation with the different groups! We had contact with Robert Dabney and Edwin during this clip!

This next clip is amazing ! It is group 1 with a lot of dowsing and flashlight action! We concluded there was definitely more than one spirit messing with us! 

Group1 Here is the footage we caught on the SLS/Ghost cam upstairs. for some reason the cam filmed it sideways and missed most of this footage. What puzzled us is the ghost image that comes through on the floor (keeping in mind you’re viewing it sideways) , Is it a pet/animal? Or a person cleaning? We would love to know your opinion. This is the slave/war prisoner room.

*The clips below were just posted today, Oct. 18th!

Group2 A quick spirit box response from, “Joe” in the Union prisoner room. Very clear!


These next 2 clips with group 2 upstairs are really validating. Stonewall let us know he was trying to sleep and verified we were communicating with him by one again stating his last name! We also encounter, “Sammy”, who claims to be a Union Soldier prisoner. I am convinced he is since this is my 3rd encounter with him stating this. We also had a spirit named, “Randy” and “John” brought up while in the prisoner/slave room!

This next clip is group 2 and our continued session in the artifact room. We believe the spirits were done with our Q and A’s at this point and were letting us know!



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