The Miller-Kite Museum Solo Investigation Number 3! July 2018👻

Screenshot_20180708-154549I have alot of evidence from this day at the Museum! Along with more contact with Stonewall Jackson 👻. We will be posting some today along with more from the Stump’s Antiques investigation last weekend.

Here are 2 clips with amazing contact with a spirit that claims to be Stonewall Jackson. He even says, “yes” and his last name, along with a lot of other validating responses. It sounds like he going back to fight in the war when he mentions, “Sally House” at the end. It is a war tactic/strategy.





This next quick clip is a repeat noise response we heard live after asking the spirit to knock back! We also hear some voices coming through the recording. After the argulus says the word,  “pop” you hear it repeated.


This is an interesting clip while I’m making contact with a soldier. Notice there is a noise in the room after the word, “Levin” is said. We have had a lot of light flickering in this museum. The operators of the museum said they have never seen them flicker in 20 years! It is difficult for some reason to see light flickering in video footage. but they do it in the triangle showcase after I mention Robert Dabney’s name.


During this next clip I am on the other side of the house when all of these loud (boots walking??) noises are occurring on the video not live. Notice the masculine voice say a word around 5 seconds? Also very interesting how the flashlight is coinciding with the Ovilus action. Like someone is coming in and out of the room talking to the Ovilus.



This is the beginning our my investigation by myself. I was trying to establish communication with Stonewall Jackson. I had a very interesting response on the Ovilus coordinating with the EMF meter. Notice the EMF meter has not lit up hardly at all yet, like it does in the previous clips where Stonewall was present longer. He lights the meter up more the longer he is present. This happened during my previous solo investigation with him too. I had to cut this clip because I was interrupted by a person. To view the rest of my contact with him,  scroll back to the first 2 clips at the top.




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