Stump’s Antique Store Investigation June 2018


We had an amazing investigation at Stump’s Antique Store in Mcgaheysville, VA. This building was built in 1910 as a service station. It also was a garage, church, pool hall, and WWII dance hall. The owner hears a lot of unexplained noises in this shop. Along with cold chill feelings that someone is around which occurs during our investigation moments after our REM Pod is set off. There are a few known ghost residents who haunt this building and we are trying to get to know them. I am jumping ahead and posting some clips that were pretty eventful towards the end of our evening.

This first clip is the owner John experiencing dowsing contact! 



We meet a spirit named, “Charlotte”. She claims to be the woman who an employee and I heard speak out into the room with our naked ear! Susan, the owner’s wife, has a lot of interaction with this spirit. When I ask Charlotte if she likes being in the store you hear that a response from her on the Spirit box which sounds like she says,  “with a child”



This is one of the best clips of the investigation ! We think a “not so friendly” spirit followed Danielle and John back upstairs. Then set off the REM Pod. Because John, the owner,  had a paranormal experience during this event. Also “Charlotte”,  the spirit Susan is communicating with,  reveals that it is clearly not her standing next to John. And at the same time she is saying words like, “viscous” and “trouble”. Tell us what you think in the comments below. After reviewing this investigation we are concluding that Charlotte is not African-American. She is white and that she adopted her son who is African-American. Reason being is because she referred to him as “son” when Susan asked if Charlotte was black. Also the word,”adopted” was mentioned a couple times during our investigation.


Our member Danielle, who is reviewing the audio, notified me that she hears a woman and child conversing. We will be sharing this evidence soon!! This verifies more of what we thought we heard in the 2nd clip above through the spirit box with a woman mentioning her child.  This first EVP was caught on my recorder. I was asking the spirit if it wanted us to leave since the Ovilus said it. You hear a voice whisper the word, “stay” at 18 seconds after I say, “can you tell us your name”.

This next EVP Danielle caught is really interesting! Sounds like a kid saying or someone with an accent?? , ‘This place is for girls”.  And what are the first words being said?

This EVP you a hear and child and woman,  Danielle caught it. Sounds like the child is being told, “NOOOOO” or, “Now!!!”



Clips like this is what makes historic ghost hunting so interesting. You get to learn what life was like back then for some of these spirits. We learn about the church that used to be there in this clip too. We are wondering now if Charlotte is a white woman who adopted a black son.


Make sure to scroll back and listen to the EVPs we just posted! This next clip we hear a TON of repeat knocking afterwards but…not live. Only on the video did I catch it. seems to be someone trying hard afterwards to continue knocking as if they don’t understand why we weren’t hearing them. then notice towards the end of the clip it goes away completely.


This next clip is when the Ovilus says, “Horses” while Danielle is walking up the staircase. This was brought up in the last clip. The story about the drunk man going up an outside staircase on his horse.


This next clip is when we are just getting starting. We had contact with  a male spirit which Susan figured out that he was baptized there when it was a church.


We have more evidence from this investigation that we will be posting soon! 👻







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