Stanley Residential Haunting April 2018

aaaaaaaa   Just getting started in the basement with the occupants of this haunted private home. This family has a lot of negative energy they want out of their house. We learn A LOT  about the bad spirits during this investigation. And get help from other spirits to remove them.

Our dowsing session becomes more intense and validating as we communicate more wit the spirits.

Next we learn about a body possibly buried on the property, a hanging that took place , and we meet a Union Soldier. This next clip we learn about relatives protecting the family from bad spirts. Who are these spirits?

Spirits reveal secrets about a man being hanged and buried bodies under the house.


Intense communication with Nathan who said he was hanged!

Our spirit box session seemed to reveal a few familiar names.


           The word, “Satan” is said in the child’s room on the Ovilus

Contact with Union Soldier spirit in child’s room.  He agrees to protect the child from bad spirits and more than brags about winning the war.



We left a cam and laser grid running in the basement. The family reported seeing shadows down here. Tell us what you think of the shadow cast in the dark room?? Notice the shadow first appears just outside the dark room on the upper left wall. Is he entering up there? Or is he not in the dark room at all and we are seeing the shadow of the ghost walking by in the basement casting into the dark room?


Paranormal chatter. We are talking about personal paranormal experiences and opinions.


We don’t know what to think about the repeat knock back. The response knock is on a delay. It sounds like camera noise. But it’s very distinct. Could the spirit be literally knocking back on our cam upstairs?




We talk to the resident’s father spirit again. He states that there are bad spirits that he’s trying to keep away.


Some EVP’s we caught during this investigation. the first one you hear a spirit repeat the words, “Fear me”. The next 3 are sounds of a child in the round while we are investigating. The last one is sounds in the basement when we aren’t there.

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