The Silver Thatch Inn Investigation /Event March 2018


We had a daytime public event at the Silver Thatch Inn yesterday with quite a bit of interaction involving several different spirits! We have 4 clips posted with many more on the way! It will be a week or 2 before all the evidence is posted. We are still processing evidence from the Miller-Kite investigation too.

This first two clips are exciting moments confirming information about a spirit who was a past resident that passed away there. We learned A LOT about a woman named, “Harriet”.

Part 2

We first arrive to a dining room session.

We meet a veteran spirit!

This is an interesting clip in the Hessian Room. I think we are communicating with a nurse. What do you think?

This is an awesome clip with an EVP caught during the first 3o seconds. Sounds like a woman talking in the back round or having a conversation while I’m talking. This continues for an entire minute. This is a great clip where we also make clear contact with Mr. Rogers,  previous resident from the past.

This next clip is our Spirit Box session we had. Feel free to give you input on what is being said.

The spirit of Mr. Roger’s is letting us know he is in the neighborhood. 

Terri, the owner of the Inn gets the spirits excited about Easter in this clip!

This quick clip I feel  my shirt get tugged 3 times! Wishing the cam was placed better of course!

The young boy spirits don’t think it’s funny when school is mentioned . But we think their response is really hilarious!

A great dowsing session with spirits in the Madison Room.

A really interesting session in the Hessian Room. A LOT of contact, especially with Native Americans.

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