The Miller-Kite Museum Group Investigation Elkton, VA March 2018


We had an action packed 3 hour investigation at the Miller-Kite House for St. Patrick’s Day! Please be sure to check out all the other Miller-Kite investigations and our public event that we did. I investigated the museum several times by myself and had riveting evidence and contact several times with General Stonewall Jackson! Along with many other soldiers such as Edwin Kite and Robert Dabney, that were known and validated through the Elkton Historical Society. We’re also validated  our evidence through the Elkton Historical Society that a “Reverend”  was at the Miller-Kite house when Stonewall Jackson was headquartered there during the Civil War! We met a Preacher, soldiers, and a woman who’s known to pace by the upper windows with a lit candle. We asked if it is her . Find out what she tells us! The Ovilus kept saying the word, “Devil”,  and also said the name, “Jesus”, which it has never said.  The preacher kept mentioning a “threat” and said he was protecting us. We also have footage of the weights swinging in the grandfather clock because a spirit may have just walked past. All kinds of great evidence we will be posting the next several days to this site. We have never had the lights flicker SO much at any investigation!!! According to the Museum curator, the lights have never flickered in the 20 years he has been there. Checkout these first 2 clips where we establish contact with, “The Preacher”. Please read video descriptions first!

Clip 1

Clip 2


This next clip is awesome. It goes beyond light flickering!


This next clip is more questions with who we found out is Reverend Robert Lewis Dabney. Stonewall also appointed him his “Chief of Staff” while they were headquartered there. We heard the word “Chief” a lot on the Ovilus.  He confirms there we Union Soldiers there. We just received confirmation from the Elkton Historical Society that indeed there were a few Union soldier prisoners kept at the Miller- Kite House during the Civil War! Watch this link first then the “continued” clip below.

  We received confirmation from the Elkton Historical Society that indeed there were a few Union Soldier prisoners there during Stonewalls stay! More about Union Prisoners in the link below!

A interesting dowsing session with Dennis in the kitchen


The Reverend had a lot to say when we first entered the “Artifact Room”. Notice it seems he is mentioning all of the items in the room. Including his name,  “Robert” again!

























This next clip we make contact with the female spirit upstairs who has reportedly been seen walking by the window at night with a candle lit



This is a riveting moment when we realize a spirit has come up the stairs upon our request earlier.


Getting to know the Spirits upstairs.


One of the many times the Ovilus says, “Satan” or “Devil”.

A riveting clip with a Confederate Soldier who explains how he REALLY feels about the Civil War.

Here are 2 quick clips that are when we were heading back to the Artifact Room and clearly the “Preacher” who was trying to get our attention. Keeping in mind that we learned after the investigation that we were conversing with, Reverend Robert Dabney as mentioned earlier. Please read video descriptions.

These next 2 clips we talk to the Preacher (Reverend Dabney?) again about him protecting us. We ask him to turn the flashlight on all the way or make a sound (REM pod) foo “yes”. So he brightens the flashlight for yes , then we all hear a noise in the room! I had to post in 2 separate clips because the cam film cut during this event.

Check out this footage! It just keeps getting better with the communication as we go. We learn about 2 woman. The “Preacher” keeps mentioning “Nana” and says her name is “Beth”. We found out his mother’s name was “Elizabeth”! Could be his Grandmother’s name too! Don’t miss what the Reverend mentions at the end!

.This is 2 EVP’S we caught in one clip. We were not in the room, perhaps ” Robert” was trying to get our attention. In the beginning at 1 second you hear the Ovilus say the word, “Amerol” (Def: unconcerned with right or wrong). Right after it sounds like a man’s voice (not robotic voice) says, “Possibly”. Let us know what you think. Then listen to what the Ovilus says. This is where the “Preacher” says his name . Then at 34 seconds you hear a man quickly say the word, “Record”?? We think he saying that because he said it through the Ovilus before that. We believe he wanted us to look at records to learn who he is. Luckily we found out through the Elkton Historical Society who this “Preacher” was that we were communicating with all night! Here is the EVP clip and Reverend Robert Dabney’s Bio. This is who we think we were communicating with.



Portrait of Robert Lewis Dabney.jpg
Born Robert Lewis Dabney
March 5, 1820
Died January 3, 1898 (aged 77)
Nationality American
Education Hampden-Sydney College
University of Virginia
Union Theological Seminary
Occupation Theologian, educator, architect
Parent(s) Charles Dabney
Elizabeth Randolph Price Dabney.
Robert Lewis Dabney's Signature.jpg

Robert Lewis Dabney (March 5, 1820 – January 3, 1898) was an American Christian theologian, Southern Presbyterian pastor, Confederate States Army chaplain, and architect. He was also chief of staff and biographer to Stonewall Jackson. His biography of Jackson remains in print today.

Dabney and James Henley Thornwell were two of Southern Presbyterianism’s most influential scholars. They were both Calvinist, Old School Presbyterians, and social conservatives. Some conservative Presbyterians, particularly within the Presbyterian Church in America and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, still value their theological writings, although both these churches have repudiated Dabney’s and Thornwell’s beliefs on race and support of Antebellum slavery.[1]

This is an excellent confirmation clip! Please read video description and check it out!


This next clip is a spirit who shows interest in the spirit woman upstairs. In the previous clip he says her name is, “Pat”.


This is A LOT of  our equipment confirming the direct contact Dennis is having with a spirit. I sensed it was a male spirit. He reveals his name to us. Notice all the light flickering once again! “Samuel” was confirmed as a resident of the Miller-Kite house during the turn of the 19th century.


This is a great clip with a variety of results. Again someone followed us upstairs too!


A feisty spirit or 2 who seem to want attention.


Another awesome clip I found in the upper hall way with Dennis and Danielle





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