The Silver Thatch Inn Feb. 2018 Investigation

I was immediately drawn to the Hessian room as we tried to find our way to the basement . Notice in the walk-through clip below the “Pub” pictures, as we enter the depths of the basement the ovulus says the word, “figure” then “death”.  20180223_154214

Here are 3 timer photos taken in H/D that we took of ourselves in the old pub. Tell us what you think. Looks like a face trying to appear over my face??

Here are the same pictures uncropped. Along with another normal photo taken in the same room.

More photos of the Inn.



We had an incredible time investigating the historic Silver Thatch Inn yesterday. It will take at least a week before all the evidence is posted but here are a few clips to get started. I personally was most drawn to the “Hessian Room”. I had a euphoric feeling in there and we had a very strong communication session which I will post soon. We also encountered a few young boys we assume from the boy’s school. One said his name is, “Randy”. They were all happy that we brought a cool marble for them. One of them said he has a sack for it. Such an awesome investigation! A first time investigation is always challenging trying to establish yourself with the spirits. Not to mention trying to familiarize yourself with them.  This clip is from our preliminary investigation in the “Hessian Room”. It appears we made contact with a female spirit who asks for my name. The EMF meter response is incredible during this clip. Then it ties into the introduction to the Native American spirits clip which is already posted.

The beginning of our spirit session in the hallway.

To see more clips click on the link! Scroll down to “Playlists”,  then, “Silver Thatch Inn” (“cookies” are video enhancers for better viewing)  Please keep in mind we are still posting evidence from last weekend’s home investigation as well as catching up on this new website. It will be at least a week before most of the Silver Thatch Inn evidence will be posted.

A clip with the Civil War soldier.  Sorry would could not get the volume any louder for this clip. May need a speaker or ear buds. This is awesome!

 The pre-quell was just posted of us establishing contact with a Civil War Soldier.  The volume IS louder for this clip.

Contact with possible Hessian slave that built the “Hessian Room” in the 1780’s?? This is a very active clip! Check all these clips out on our “Playlist” link  at the top of this post for the Silver Thatch Inn.

Just added  “7 Year Old Little Boy with His Sack of Marbles” to the Silver Thatch Inn playlist. It is a really neat clip with a boy who shows a lot of interest in our marble as well! Click on the link above and scroll down to “Playlists”, “Silver Thatch Inn”.

Check out the latest amusing clip with us finding our way to the basement at The Silver Thatch Inn. Make sure to read video description. We had our Ovilus say the word, “death” as we made our way deeper into the basement.

I have added 3 really cool clips today on the playlist. “Meet Mr. Rogers” is awesome. Plus be sure to click on pt. 1 and Pt. 2  as we get familiar with a spirit in the old school room. Be sure to read the video descriptions. (“Cookies” are for better video viewing)

Come to our public investigation/event at the Silver Thatch Inn in Charlottesville! We are only sending out 12 exclusive invitations so that participants can have a real up close and personal experience. We will offer dowsing rod participation with direct spirit communication, with help from our Medium for a full paranormal experience! You will NOT be disappointed! Click on the link to see all the details!    (We are still posting evidence on the Dailymotion “playlist” from our preliminary investigation at the Silver Thatch Inn.)   gify 1

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